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This makes it more easily available from the menu not sure if there is a way of shortcutting to favorites without going to the dialog. Oh, and once you have chosen a character, double click it for it to by typed into your text window! It says here that you can hold down a key until it pops up a list of variant characters. Wrinkled Stumpskin, you have blown my mind. The same trick works on iOS as well, if anyone needs to type accented characters on his or her phone. None of the Russian keyboard layouts that ship with OS X appear to support easy entry of accented Cyrillic vowels, the same way the Latin keyboards do.

One way you can type these characters is the following: type the base character e. Then switch back to the Russian layout and continue. That's pretty cumbersome, though, so it might just be easier to copy and paste the letters in. I'd be willing take a stab at making a modified version of the layout that includes an acute accent key. It looks like you're an American student, so I went ahead and made a Russian keyboard layout with accents, based on the Russian Phonetic keyboard.

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You can install it as follows: 1. Download the "Russian - Phonetic Accents. What my dad needed is a phonetic Russian keyboard where Russian letters correspond more or less to English ones.

Russian Language Guide

I was surprised how easy to create your own layout with this tool. If you are in need of free Phonetic Russian Keyboard, feel free to Download it. It should work with any current version of your Windows OS. Now you can start typing Russian.

Russian Phonetic Keyboard for Windows 10 - Microsoft Community

You need to realize when you change a language you change it only for application that currently is active. In case you are not happy with this keyboard layout, you can easily remove it like you would uninstall any Windows application form Uninstall or change program window. Plus Cyrillic alphabet has more letters. Using Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator you can create an layout that most scenes to you.

I always open to suggestions. Tell me where would you put these characters on Russian layout? Thank you so much for this! You made my life a little easier. Just installed it and does not work — I go into MS Word and types like it used to. Can you tell me why? Did you switch to Russian keyboard layout? You also can try by pressing Alt-Shift on your keyboard to toggle between two or more languages in case you have more than two languages installed. I guess I was not clear — I installed and when I switch, it types russian letters, but not phonetically according to your layout.

I got it to work — when I was pressing alt-shift, it was switching to Ru layout, but when I actually clicked on settings, Ru phonetic was there as an option that I switched to. Thank you. I have a good news. The phonetic russian keyboard now are available in iPhones and iPod touch. It is realy great supplement if you want to write russian with standart englich keyboard.

How to set-up your Russian Keyboard for Windows 7.

I wanted Agne to tell us where a user of an iPhone or iPod can get phonetic Russian keyboard layout, how to make it work there, who and may be shortly how made phonetic Russian for those devices. Take care, John. I am used to write Russian using translit.

Is this possibe using the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator? Any programs known which would allow this? Try it ;. I was dreading getting the new one set up — until I saw your weblog. Worked as soon as i installed it all i had to do is change from EN to RU in the task bar, Thank you very much.

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I have been in need of a phonetic keyboard for so long!!! Thanks a lot. I am learning Russian language and this keyboard is great. Must have. Can someone provide a link to the main thread discussing this if there is one? Can't imagine that this topic wouldn't have been addressed then, anyway. But I am still very much in the pro-phonetic camp, until actually ready to attempt the sustained uni-directional typing of these translations into Russian. Really they should call it a "learner's keyboard"; it was basically designed for this very activity. And some answers in the RU course I can type using the mnemonic keyboard with the exact keystrokes I would use in English; see: sushi, mama, papa, etc.

A quick Mac guide to Cyrillic keyboards

This is only a point in its favor. Doing the timed review is impossible without good keyboard chops. I know, I tried and failed miserably today on material that I knew in the first few Russian lessons. I figure when I get into Russian I'll match my mobile keyboard and my computer's I believe the one offered in iOS is standard layout so that'll be how I learn it. I've found that I have to have QWERTY for Latin letter languages regardless of what their standard keyboards look like, but since we're dealing with Cyrillic I don't think any learned behaviours in typing will cause a problem.

I think this will be something that each individual will have to discover for themselves which keyboard makes the most sense to them. For anyone who is using a computer that you do not want to download a keyboard my computer is school issued so I cannot just google search "Russian keyboard" and many other options should pop up.

I bought this off eBay a few months ago in readiness for the release of this course. It's a small wireless keyboard with built in track pad, with keys marked with both Cyrillic and Latin letters. Then I added Russian keyboard in windows and switch between the two. I used the phonetic keyboard in high school, but I figured that there was a reason why the Russians put the keys where they did, so I'm doing as the Russians do.

I used it for a bit last year, forgot it mostly, and started using it again about two weeks ago. I can use it okay already, for the most part although not as fast as I can type in English. Occasionally I have to think about where a letter is, but it's already pretty easy. Get started.

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Topic: Russian. Now, which cyrillic keyboard are you using? I'm so excited to be starting the Russian course today! November 2, I use a modified phonetic keyboard I made a while back. Here it is: I didn't like any of the ready-made phonetic keyboard designs I found. November 3, Here is one trick that we used when the stickers were not widely available yet. Or just get the stickers :.

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  7. Windows doesn't even have the phonetic layout by default, IIRC. A custom multilanguage one I made myself: Worked fair enough for Ukrainian. February 21, I memorized all the letters using a standard Latin keyboard back in the Ukrainian course. November 4,