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Fade Away. Setting aside the fact 'YSIV' is about half an hour too long, this misplacement of priorities is the most frustrating thing about Logic's music. I Am The Greatest. At face value, this is a genuine homage to the people that give Logic power but with closer examination, a trend does emerge.

However, his sound has since improved, his instrumentation has evolved, and this song is the pinnacle of his major label tracks. His new album Everybody consists of 13 tracks and clocks in at just over 70 minutes in listening time front-to-back. On Thursday, the Maryland rapper unleashed his much-anticipated studio album Confessions of a Dangerous Mind—his third full-length project since late September David Brown.

Start Station. YSIV is a motivational speech that runs down his rough life — poverty, a drug-addicted dad, homelessness — and the grind that ultimately made him a millionaire. From the start of YSIV Logic's ambition is clear: to return to the style and energy of 90s boom-bap, redefining the contours of the genre as he sees fit. Following Mac Miller's unfortunate passing, Logic added a brief intro and outro paying his respects to the late rapper, revealing that Mac was the reason Bob started the "young sinatra shit".

Start radio Stop radio. Share clear pronunciation. Bobby Tarantino 2 provides a healthy mixture of classic and modern samples. From the bars to the samples, Logic made a rap album that speaks to the rappers and rap records that inspired him to take it this far. Read our review of the Maryland rapper's latest album here.

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This song is a nice change of pace from what you usually hear from Logic. Though Kanye West had the foresight to delay his album, in order to give Lil Wayne space befitting of his stature, Logic opted to stick Young Sinatra IV is pleasant from beginning to end. Miami, FL "The D. We all want to help one another. Anybody who says otherwise is kidding themselves. Logic goes on to explain that a lot of the songs he has created that aren't out are like practice to him the way Kobe or Jordan put up shots in the gym that you never see to get ready for the game.

Logic The hard-hitting tune finds the Maryland native floating over production from frequent collaborator 6ix, who samples Nina Simone 's "Wild Is the Wind" into the melody. Logic is not happy with the business of sample clearances. In two tweets, Logic expressed his dissatisfaction with the difficulty of cleaning samples in the music industry. Take it Back. If you use any of these cymatics loops please leave your comments. After announcing the potentially biggest hip hop collaboration of the year earlier this week, Logic has unveiled his new track "Homicide" with rap god Eminem.

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Listen to this and millions more tracks online. Instagram: Logic For Booking contact logic caa. YSIV showed Logic revisiting his unique rapping skills beyond just rapping fast, and being very intentional about the depth of his varied vernacular, verbal inflexions and more. If you use any of these loops please leave your comments. There's a lot left to be desired because Logic doesn't necessarily have the fuel and ends up uninteresting and bland.

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Music is all about connection. Arjun Ivatury, credited as 6ix on the album, does an amazing job of chopping up samples that create a mood that flows through the entire project. Read the loops section of the help area for more information on how you can use the loops. It is separate from his previously announced album Ultra Logic's boyhood dream finally came true while preparing the release of his highly-anticipated new album Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.

Discover all Logic's music connections, watch videos, listen to music, discuss and download. Media fascination, restricted largely to his arrest record and controversies, has moved on. Yet the rapper has retained a creative restlessness and cohesive, evolving aesthetic. Genasis build upon his older work to massive success, he's moved in new directions.

On Back From the Dead 2 , he became a rapper-producer, releasing a record that seethed with menacing, coiled energy.

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The bleak world from which he came still shapes his sound; it's a bleak and lonely record, with few guests and a darkly psychedelic shape formed by drugs and likely PTSD. Yet he finds a gleeful humanity inside the world's rotten core, with bluntly potent, economical rapping that gets strong mileage per word.

The marvelously dense Lese Majesty may be the most surreal album to come from Seattle's Black Constellation unit. It's not so much a suite of overlapping songs as thought balloons from leader Ishmael Butler. Sounds swerve from the shoegaze drone of "Dawn in Luxor" where he testifies how "blackness is abstracted and protracted by the purest" , to the dubby bass of "They Come in Gold," the loping fusion jazz of "The Ballad of Lt. Winnings," and the booty bass shake of " Cake," perhaps the group's most accessible moment. Lese Majesty evokes post-millennial, futurist images of black kings and queens, a "New Black Wave," with enigmatic sounds as mysteriously intoxicating as any produced this year.

Bishop Nehru is an year-old with true school New York rap pumping through his veins; DOOM is a timeless rap presence why do you think he wears the mask? Together, they're more comfortable than two artists separated by two decades should be. Homeboy Sandman songs are dense and word-drunk, spilling past the margins, demanding repeat listens.

To call Isaiah Rashad's first release a "demo" is to both accurately describe and underrate its qualities. It's so raw that you can almost hear the hiss of low-bitrate MP3 compression and the Chattanooga, Tennessee artist still sounds like he's processing his thoughts. On "Ronnie Drake" he leapfrogs from bragging about his "coke flow" to decrying an overly aggressive police force. He'll sing for a spell about how his absentee father left him "having problems with myself," and then he'll decide to go hard on "niggas who fake trill.

Given how casual Rashad sounds, it's remarkable how often he achieves frisson, whether it's the croaked vocals of "Hereditary," or just holding his own with labelmates Jay Rock and Schoolboy Q on "Shot You Down. Big K. On "Do You Love Me for Real," his ride represents a beautiful woman memorably voiced by the jazz singer Mara Hruby that he caresses with erotic abandon over bluesy Southern soul.

It's a life force that propels him to rise above the humble origins of "Mo Better Cool" without forgetting the value of family, community and "Soul Food"; and mourn the world's troubles on the quiet storm melancholy of "Angels. He raps alongside Devin the Dude and Bun B as an equal, not a student, and when he asserts himself as a "King of the South," it's hard to argue.

A surging rookie class pushes Ross' name from the headlines — art more ridiculous, art more real, art that does both at once — but no rap music is quite as opulent, as lushly orchestrated, as formally executed as the clean droptop raps of "Supreme," as evocatively grandiose as "Rich Is Gangsta. That contract came on the heels of Faces , a primarily self-produced mixtape that's the least pop full-length the year-old has ever released. So what gives? Miller has deftly aged along with his fanbase, slowly transforming his music from squeaky and excitable kegger anthems to insular, stoned scribbles.

Faces is his most blunted album yet, a track inventory of drugs, snacks, Will Ferrell quotes and punchlines absentmindedly mashed into his iPhone. And while some critics have diminished Oxymoron for its thematic chaos, this major-label debut tingles and palpitates with nonstop personality and moment-to-moment drama.

Choo Jackson - Old Pictures On The Wall Ft Mac Miller

An ex-drug-dealing daddy daughter Joy pops up here and there who still gets high on his own supply, Q pings in and out of skeevy debauchery and terse reflection with believably confused fervor. In fact, "Break the Bank" produced by the Alchemist and "Collard Greens" produced by THC and Gwen Bunn and featuring Lamar reach levels of ferociously heady humanity and effusive musicality mostly unmatched by his peers. The Baton Rouge-based rapper Kevin Gates has moved in a steady incline over the past two years.

The definition of a street-rap auteur, Gates has yet to produce a major crossover single, but his fanbase is one of hip-hop's most passionate and invested. Like last year, hosted two Kevin Gates tapes. The early By Any Means included a few of his best records, but overall felt like an odds-and-ends compilation.

But this month's Luca Brasi 2 , much like its prequel, is one of the year's most consistent releases. Chalk up Lord Steppington as another winner for the Alchemist, the beat chemist who has toured the world as Eminem's DJ and crafted street bangers for Queensbridge thug poets like Nas and Mobb Deep.

His stepbrother-in-crime is Evidence of backpacker heroes Dilated Peoples, and the two recruit friends like Action Bronson, Styles P and Roc Marciano for an album that turns off-kilter samples into no-frills bangers. Ev and Al just wanna make music to smoke to, whether it's the piano-laced blaps of "Mums in the Garage," the drum roll blasts of "Just Step," the bass strums of "See the Rich Men Play" or the synth licks of "Dr.

Opening with a full minute of ear-piercing high-pitched feedback thanks for that , this L. The band's two producers bring varied pedigrees Jonathan Snipes composed the score to Room and he's in an experimental noise band with Clipping's other soundbomber William Hutson. Rapper Daveed Diggs compliments with weedy wordpainting: The bit in the evocatively moody "Taking Off" about being broke and alone in a roach hotel apartment while your neighbor annoyingly bumps Black Flag resonates more than the stuff about girls and drugs and cops and politics, speaking in the realtalk of wan slacker suffering.

He mixes an e. A "rewind that! Chart-topping rapper Lecrae built his fanbase independently, releasing six albums on his own Reach Records, a label that spreads a Christian message. He's set to be the first rapper from the devotional circuit to find a pop audience, and has caught the attention of mainstream rap like none other before. While several songs celebrate his love of Christ, Anomaly is a record about principles. On "Outsiders," he casts his religiousness in a secular society as pure freedom "to be what I'm supposed to be" and criticizes America as a place "where we'll do anything for the money.

Rap music in is a place where artists float songs to the Internet with wishes of catching a wave — and then hoping its long enough to cobble together a coherent album. It's a place where your single might be produced by the same guy who has 10 other beats on the radio and 10 more to come. DJ Quik's ninth album, The Midnight Life , on the other hand, arrived fully formed, sounding like nothing else except the classically funky beats he's been crafting for more than two decades. It opens with the Compton legend rapping over a banjo and closes with an instrumental of laid-back guitar riffs and piano chords.

In between he laments the cancellation of Arsenio Hall's revived talk show and devotes an entire song to longtime session guitarist Robert "Fonksta" Bacon. During the five-year gestation of her debut album, the Harlem beefmaster alienated rivals, record executives and fans — seemingly for sport.

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  6. But for all her burns and bumps, Broke with Expensive Taste is the sort of effortless triumph that deserves to outshine the Internet circus. No one in rap shifts gears this fluidly.

    Mac Miller Just Released 3 New Songs and They're Full of Ariana Grande References

    One second, Banks is spitting double-time heat over deep house, the next she's the bandleader for Afro-Caribbean funk grooves from Spanish Harlem. Then she's singing over broken London bass like Katy B. No one had such poison-pure creative vision, originality or versatility. Chicago rapper Lil Herb and his frequent collaborator Lil Bibby are teenagers with mannish voices in the drill tradition of Chief Keef — but they follow more traditional standards of lyricism than most of their Chiraq peers.

    On 10 Summers his blurping synth squirts get yoked to a whirring G-funk smoothness that recalls classic Dre see the Eazy-E homage amidst the vintage West Coast peacocking of "Ghetto Tales". In terms of unique lyrical tics — stoner drones, pulse-pounding flow and cadence shifts, dislocating WTF bleats, agitated interwoven glossolalia — these Atlanta artful dodgers are virtuosos.

    Okay, Quavo, Takeoff and Offset's subject matter is mostly confined to sex, crime and turning up, but if that bugs you, see American pop culture. While a dozen pair of hands contribute to these 19 relentlessly lively tracks, the keyboard frippery of Gucci Mane go-to man Zaytoven producer behind Migos hit "Versace" best fits the trio's rococo absurdity yes, they "mooo" like a cow when advising style-biters "you better mooove ". Faux-churchy closer "Struggle" gets far more reflective than expected. As an unapologetic chronicler of the gangster's life in an age of pop-rap astronauts, Indiana's Freddie Gibbs has often languished in the genre's second tier.

    On "Deeper," a standout track from what may be his best album, he bemoans sell-outs: "You cut a nigga deep," raps Gibbs with sadness in his voice at how "she" — a reference to Common's '94 classic "I Used to Love H. But Gibbs is in good hands with Madlib, who lavishes him with dusty sure-shot loops, including the lush disco of "High," the haunted jazz-rock fusion of "Bomb" and the silky quiet storm of "Broken.