Extend Your MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro Battery Performance

Recalibrating the battery a few times a year will allow the battery charge indicator to provide a more accurate reading. A battery's life can be measured in two ways; by its overall useful lifetime and by the length of time it can run between charges. Battery lifetime is something you generally can't change, at least not drastically. You can extend a battery's lifetime by not overcharging it, and by not recharging it when it doesn't really need to be recharged. Beyond that, a battery's lifetime is pretty much determined by Apple when it selects a particular battery for a particular Mac model.

Although you can't do much to lengthen a battery's lifetime, you can greatly affect its runtime by how you use your Mac.

This guide has tips for eking out that last bit of power between charges. The Energy Saver preference pane is where you set up how and when your Mac will sleep. For desktop users, this preference pane is important but not overly critical. If your Mac portable has a platter-based hard drive rather than an SSD , you can increase battery performance by setting the Energy Saver preference pane to spin down the drive when it's not in use. The problem with simply selecting the option to spin down the drive is that you have no control over how long your Mac will wait before the spin down occurs.

8 tips for improving battery life on your MacBook

No matter how you use your Mac, the drive will go into power saving mode after 10 minutes of inactivity. Ten minutes is a lot of wasted battery life. I'd rather see a shorter time, such as 5 minutes, or 7 at the most. Luckily, you can use Terminal to change the disk sleep time, that is, the amount of idle time that has to occur before the drive spins down.

Each mode offers uniquely different ways of sleeping, and some of them use more battery power than others. You won't find any controls for the sleep modes in the System Preferences, but you can gain control over the various sleep modes by using Terminal.

The SMC System Management Controller takes care of quite a few core functions of your portable Mac, including managing the battery, controlling charging, and displaying run-time information for the battery. Since the SMC is a key component to managing your Mac's battery performance, it can be the cause for some common battery issues, such as failing to charge, not charging fully, or displaying the incorrect amount of remaining charge or remaining time.

How to Fix MacBook Pro Battery Life Problem - Consumer Reports

So rewarding to discover and then fix something on your own. Who needs a genious when you are one! I tried to buy an Air at the apple store, but they pushed me to the macbook pro. Said the Air was for old ladies, very light weight and all. I was disappointed they said that.

My battery is dying really quick. What could be the issue?

It was probably just an up-sell and I fell for it. So, I probably get at least part of the idea. I swear. It just needs some fur on the outside and a leash so I can take it for walks. Just wanted to thank you. Helped alot. Getting much better battery life on my Mac Air. So thankful:. I have been so very happy with my Air.

Just love it. And the best part is the battery. Thanks for commenting. I wanted to upgrade my white macbook to new macbook air, but only thing afraid of was 2 hours battery life.

How to Improve macOS Mojave Battery Life for MacBook Pro and Air

This article seems promising. BTW what was your battery life when it was fresh from store? I did a migration right away. But after the migration I was lucky to get 2 hours. After I figured everything out, and if I pay close attention to what windows are open, I can get hours out of it. I love the Air. Highly recommend it.

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Glad I could help. Good luck with yours! I seem to have trouble, however. Also, every time I get an Adobe up-date, I follow all the on-screen instructions but it never works. Any help would be appreciated.