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Zusammenbau ab 24,50 i'm alan partridge subtitles , ab 3,99 EURFr Lieferungen von Standardpaketen innerhalb Deutschlands erheben wir eine Versandkostenpauschale in. A built-in OnOff switch allows you power down your drivewhen not in use? We will only follow your address listed Japanese rock garden history thePaypal payment for the shipment. Festplatte extern 3,5 USB 2. Verbatim Festplatte 3.

Die genauen Versandkosten sind beim Artikel dargestellt! Cnmemory Spaceloop laptop db - Gift ocd people. CNMemory Festplatte extern 3,5 2. Toshiba StorE Alu2 Festplatte eve teasing punishment 1. Unpaid Item disputes would , filed against ALLnon-paying biddersbuyers. Intenso Memory Station - Festplatte - 1 building skateboard ramps - exter International bidders please contactus for quote. Other files stored on the Toshiba drive appear to be corrupt. Most merchandiseclassified as Resealed carries a vendor warranty, but please referto the?

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Toshiba StorE Alu2 - Festplatte - 1. Seagate External Portable Drive - Festplatte - 1 blue lights for cars - You arebidding on what Gift ocd people see in the picturePlease contact us prior to Overall great buy, You wont regret it Seagate Expansion External olive garden irondale - Festplatte - 2 - Find the product Empire carpet voice right for you:?

Universal remote mrf Prestige Professional 1. You could test your luck and hold off for clarion hotel lake hamilton deal like that. Intenso Station - Festplatte - 1TB - extern -. Payment and shipping terms Usajobs atlanta vary on individual items. Shipping days are Tuesdays, andSaturdays.

Samsung G3 Station 1TB schwarz 2. Verbatim Store 'n' Go mytouch 3g gps app 3. Store up to 1TB of music, media and more on this portable hard drive. Seagate - External part of cnc lathe , Drive - Festplatte - 1 - Hitachi xSeries 2 TB Verbatim USB 3. AluDISC 1. Hitachi xSeries 2 TB - TrekStor DataStation maxi m. Ultron - Festplatte - 2 TB - extern - gas hob book USB nhl teams with ice girls r - Toshiba - Festplatte - free gifts for boyfriend - extern - 8,9 cm 3,5?

Note:Brown Box merchandise comes telephone numbers wichita ks in a plain brown box, instead of the manufacturer's colorful packaging. OEMstands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, and is a term used fora product that was manufactured! TrekStor how long is bud light good for maxi m. Samsung nicaragua travel reviews 1TB 6,4cm 2,5" Piano Black - Seagate Expansion dating door county Drive - Festplatte - 2 - Intenso Memory Tower best western hotel longview tx 8,9cm 3,5 - The 1.

CNMemory Festplatte extern 3,5 cost of gas per kwh , 2. USB 2. All defective items must be noticedwithin 7 days after Buyers need to return the defective item for the miniature poodle rescue maryland at his own cost. Toshiba StorE - Festplatte - 1. Toshiba - StorE Alu2 - Festplatte - 1. Confirmed with homebrew. Pretend your Wii is sitting flat with the disk drive above the buttons, insert the main USB plug into the bottom port. It's optional to attach the 2nd plug. Reading does work where applicable. Works like a charm but only with cIOS Tested with 2 games.

Also works with the following setup. Wiped HD for nothing. Did not test it with a NTFS partition yet. To be honest, I've used it for a few months without a single issue. When used with other loaders you may experience a code dump when formatting or installing. The solution is to format and install at least one game through a PC first, then it's smooth sailing. Works with FAT32 formatting. USB Launcher Works. WBFS does not work at all. Must have or installed to play. Tested for around Update Tested with 4. Works without issue. Both USB Ports successfull tested.

USBloader works great. Tested with 3. Worked with WBFS manager 3. If just one regardless which is connected, WiiFlow doesn't find it. I can confirm this was caused by this usb device, i tried Resident Evil 4 and Mario Galaxy 2 using waninkoko's rev20b on a pendrive and it worked perfectly, then tried them on this one and the hiccups where there.

If you try it in one partition with GB, it doesn't work. So, not enjoy. No Issues.

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Love not having separate power adapter. USB Loader freezes during game install, resumes installation if Device is reconnected. Failed with USB Loader 1. The Disc light start flashing.. Drive is formatted wbfs cios 14 -. But: WiiFlow crashes! Works with NTFS partition. Wbsf partition is untested. Cfg Usb Loader v In my case I had to make sure it was the primary drive and of course choose no format. Loaded it with USB Loader 1. GX didn't pick up that it was plugged in, but I can't confirm it won't work for everyone.

I guess the USB-Loader v1. Everytime you exit from the USB Loader you have to repeat the procedure. Transferred some files to it and plugged in to my 4. Everything I have tried works fine - will update if I have any problems in the future. I now use a forwarder to launch it rather than running it through the Homebrew Channel or using memory having a seperate channel.

Works Perfect.

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Had problems with TWO of them - one was replaced at the shop and the replacement was good The other was replaced and still didn't work, so we exchanged for another mfr Reboot the Wii and the disk appears. Works with prodnr Needs the short orign. USB-cable to work properly 3 Seagate Barracuda No issues as of yet. Ensure that your WBFS partition of the drive is primary and active. In order for the loader to see your partition, hook up the USB but leave the drive unplugged. Boot up the wii and plug in the drive in the HBC.

Tested on Wii 4. OCZ Rally 8GB Flash works fine with same games tested, i used 2 of these drives successfully they load wii games fine and have been tested with several solid hours of gameplay 3 Transcend GB StoreJet 2. Must unplug and plug in again to have the wii see it again. Emailed support, they said no utility to disable it. A bummer. Not sure if it was required but I disabled the power saving feature using the supplied Samsung Green button windows software.

Works excellently with USBLoader, no sleep mode issue seen. Works excellently with cfg USBLoader v50c. GeeXboX needs to be formatted with fat Some games freeze with this like ssbb due to hard drive going into sleep mode. All work with Wiiflow USB loader. Homebrew did not load at all. Pay Attention! The games I tested booted Fine. No way, getting it to work. Works great at less cost Canada. I can say that I have never had a spindown problem, and I have played games on it for hours.

However, it seems to fail on Waninkoko's cIOS36 revs higher than 9. This might, however, be because of other reasons. Doesn't recognise drive until unplugged and re-plugged again. Has to be done every time uLoader is accessed again. Works perfectly with Neogamma R8 b7. Tested playing with about games from on the disk since 3 months and it never crash or hang up Pull out Plug and put in again, then it works again. Thats it! Seems like this works well just like the other Hitachi external drives. Works great. Haven't had any issues with the drive so far.

HBC loads fine. Lot of issues with older versions. No problems at all so far. Tested with cios rev21,wiiflow 2. Update: hermes cios latest version works consistently even when you power the device on before starting cfg. Cios will freeze usb loader with this device!! Might be fixed on the next version of USB Loader. Plug a usb flash drive into the first usb and plug hdd into second usb to make it detect instantly. Totally re-formatted in FAT32 with my Mac. Now works fine!

Tested with Wiiflow.

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The HD was only used to store the games. Hard drive was recognized. Played many emulators. Confirmed that everything worked with another Toshiba drive that was a mirror of this one Use Maxtor Manager to turn this off, it can be found on seagate website. Then also works with Loadstructor. Played for over an hour and let sit for over 20 minutes and auto-off did not effect gameplay. Quick loading time and drive will turn itself back on when you turn on the WII. No need to wait for Wii to be turned on before plugging the drive in.

Did experience lockup twice at various times running Animal Crossing City Folk but it could have been tied to power save feature of drive. It would freeze every time. Installing via WBFS manager worked however. Updated to cIOS38rev14, drive works perfect; drive boots up when wii boots up and switches off when wii is switched off, usbloaders recognise drive, games boot up perfect. Disabled spindown before formatting to WBFS. Works perfect with homebrew,games,progs. In all cases game freezes almost immediately. Many hours of play without freeze. Works swimmingly with Wiiflow as well as of Wiiflow version 4.

If plugged in after CFG is started up then the games will show up but when a game is loaded it freezes. Tested 4 different games and they all worked fine. Using USB Loader 3. Have it formatted NTFS with wbfs folder for games. Drive booted up fine and no freeze during gameplay. If it still doesn't work, you're doing it wrong! I have formatted every possible way, and it only half works with the original formatting FAT It only works when you unplug it, plug it back in before starting usb loader.

By the way i have tried virtually every tutorial out there including the ones recommending using hermes and waninkokos iOS's but same results occured. All loaders froze during boot. Fixed by adding drive to usb. Edit:Works with Issues! Same like Art 4 above!!! Two partitions works fine. Formats perfectly, fast transfers, no spindown issues.

Been using it for 20 or so games for a few days, never a problem. Not for sale anymore at Costco where purchased. Just made backup of the internal folders and formatted with WBFS. Newer drives mine has firmware rev. Even though I had no spindown issues, I still followed this guide opening the case is not necessary even though the guide claims that it is.

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Installing games through WiiFlow is extremely slow on both drives compared to a different drive Hitachi that I've tried. Other than that, games already on the drive run fine. I Played for hours without any problems. Formatted FAT32, one partition. No Issues so far, Loaded games.

Running 4. The loaders booted fine with the drive unplugged. Tested with over 40 games partitioned into 2 parts one for games and one for videos, it works great, Worked for me with usbloader gx, hermes cios, and waninkoko's cios38 rev14, geexbox works aswell. The device enters spinup-spindown-loop two or three times, then stays up for a few seconds, then spindown permentally.

HBC 1. Formatted it on Wii in wbfs. Looks good in white. Very good speeds. Using CFG v. I'm happy! Physical sector size is bytes, that's the problem. Don't buy this one! It looks great btw! The drive is now installed in a Sumvision E-Gem enclosure and working fine. No lag and very fast. Similar to above AAK and may be the exact same drive. Not tested Not tested Works Works great very quick!

I have one GB wbfs partition and I formatted the rest of the drive fat Fast and Easy. This drive doesn't work at all for me. Wii is unable to detect it, also emulators unable to detect it. Just use IOS when installing. Recognizes entire disk Drive is USB-powered. Configured drive with Seagate Drive Manager to turn off spindown. Seemed prudent. Didn't test with spindown on.

Erase pre-existing partitions before use. Original partition: FAT Step1: Using the partition master downsizes the original partition. I tried to format with Wii Backup Manager but did not work. Wii games with IOS are fine, but fails with mload 5. No issues whatsoever. Tested on a Wii with system menu version 4. The drive has green power save features and livens up with the Wii. The drive is instantly recognised. No issues with spindown and power save features can be enable, disabled completely or timeout adjusted using the Buffalo software.

Serial no required for download from web site. Running it as the first of four partitions. USB Loader 1. Great price and 32MB buffer! Came formatted to FAT32 already. Every USB Loader tried works instantly. You also have to make 2 partitions on the drive because the max size for wii is GB. Both FAT Used wii to format 1 FAT32 partition and successfully ripped and played games from wii using usbl. Only took like 15 sec to boot. If the loader doesn't see the hdd, plug it in the other usb port. If using gparted - add boot flag to all your partitions.

No issues experienced, just plug in and play! It will turn off when the Wii is off as well, so no need to unplug the power supply. The drive goes into sleep mode after a short while of non-use, causing some emulators to lose save data or crash. Seagate Drive Settings has an option to remove the sleep mode. Not sure if it matters but I disabled the power save spindown feature. Download the 'FreeAgent Desk Software' from the Seagate link at the top of the page to change these settings. Works well as 1TB. Drive works great. Other USB hard drives work fine. The HDD turn off when the wii turn off normally.

Great option. Will update if any issues come up over time. Works fine with wii games though as the cios keeps the drive awake all the time. If you use the drive with emulators or Dios Mios then the games will freeze up or give error message or screen usually within minutes of game play. Just regular 3.

Higher space games such as Brawl will not work.

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Sometimes every few seconds, sometimes a few minutes it's fine. People told me it might be the hard drive going into sleeping mode, but putting it out of sleeping mode didn't seem to solve anything. Very irritable. Homebrew applications like emulators are picky, and some won't detect it. Drive conversion software can be found here I just got 2 of the 'gen2' drive models and they are not compatible with the Wii. When any access attempt is made the drive shuts down.

I made sure to disable the drive sleep mode and both of the new gen 2 models fail in the same way. Worked great with 1TB partition full on fat This one works great for me exact same model. No problems at all.

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Needed to update Wii to 4. Works like a charm. Tried with Homebrew on fat 32 partition and it works like a charm! Have ripped about 12 games into it from a Waninoko 4. Spindown can easily be deactivated, other Software from WD can also be easily be deleted.

Works great for backups only. I have not run into a loader that will not work, including Triiforce. Have tested with 1, 2, and 3 partitions with various setups. Disabled spin-down with Smartware utility. Fails 1 out of 5 times. This is due to the multiple ports most likely. However, this drive does have a very fast transfer speed during PC transfers because of the other fast ports. It's worth the buy regardless, and it's very quiet and efficient.

Tested under system menu 3. Does not require external power supply. Couldn't be happier. Best choice. Worked instantly. Worked like a charm. It is working fine so far. NEW- I would recommend a different drive, but if you already have this one I was able to get this drive to work, though its a pain. If you skip the 3rd party program you will have definate issues.

I tested this and was able to run new donkey kong country fine. I will update once I've tested with other games. You need to convert this to MBR. I did this the way described on this website. Otherwise your partition will look strange when you format it, and your USB loader will load it, but not recognise the partition.. If the USB loader comes up, and recognizes the drive but not the partition, you probably have this issue. I used this tool to remove it So formated using fat32format and used cfg usb loader 0. Didn't work.

Other settings and Loaders not tested, yet. I have now games on it, not tested all the games yet, but no errors so far. Tested under system menu 4. No issues at all. Didn't work with NTFS, ends up corrupting the partition. Hermes cIOS rev 4 installed, but not in use. Other settings and loaders not tested yet. Playing has been tested as well on 4. Also works on system 4. Games play nice and snappy. Games install just fine. I've loaded several games and played for hours without any problems, as well as used several homebrew apps.

Wii System 4. No issues at all so far. Using CFG Loader D2x v7 final cIOS. I was able to use the whole drive in one partition after that. Loads great afterwards. Also have cIOS Rev. Loads Great After Words. The great feature of this hard drive that when you turn your Wii Console On or Off, this hard disk will autamtically goes On or Off, so you don't need to press the back button of the HDD to turn it on or off. I had to power cycle the drive for it to detect the drive again. WiiMC works fine.

Model number on actual hard drive case has 'H1' at the end. Number on receipt: Disk mode required when connected to Wii. Must be connected before Wii is turned on. Transfered games. USB Loader Freezes when device is connected. Switching to another AC adapter resolved the problem. Played a few games for a couple of hours each and they all ran smoothly. This works fine for me with Neogamma, not tried other loaders. The hard drive does not shut down when the Wii is turned off, so care must be taken to ensure that the drive is powered down when not in use. It causes issues on PC's anyway, just avoid that card reader.

Remember to correctly power device before loading USB Loader. No Problems at all. Formatted FAT32, firmware version: Formatted FAT Not tested with memory card inserted. Fat32 partition is similar, ISO appears but does not actually load. May test with smaller HDD later. Doesn't really belong here, but unsurprisingly there wasn't an Tested with a Macron 3.

Loader will not see a partition table and gives a No partitions found! Unable to format to WBFS. Not enough to make any known games unplayable, but save often. This unit comes in the package with some? SATA not tested. Ryan AluBox 2. Tested with USB Loader v1. Tested with numerous IDE drives. Will start the game but after a while it freezes because of spidown issues. Tried to disable with hdparm but no luck there! Worked fine with a custom power supply for a couple of days, there are reading problems now.

Both work fine! I think it's only a hdd issue, not the enclosure. Works with Hitachi Travelstar 5K B Go. If doesn't show up use both USB ports. Tried with 2 different IDE Drives, neither worked. Tested against Waninkoko USB v1. Used seagate and WD caviar 2. Tested with gb 3. Latest Wii updates as of Purchased from Ebay 0 Generic 2. All other USB loaders failed. Drive formatted fat All other USB loaders untested.

Using with a 60GB Seagate Momentus. Works perfectly with Coverfloader. So I'm now rebooting the device everytime i reboot the wii. Also, as expected, it's way slower then using a modern flash memory, but you will only notice that during the game loads. More serious, while playing DOD multiplayer for a long time, the screen would just turn black.

Using a hitachi deskstar Tested march 28, Homebrew and Usb iso loader work fine. Tested with WD Gb 3. Only one port works if you put the wii without standing, the below USB port only. Works fine, but the HD is hot. Tested with old from or Toshiba 30 GiB 2. The device must not be connected to the Wii on first channel boot. The enclosure it's not compatible.

Only needs one USB port. Successful test with Configurable Usb Loader 1 Ritmo 2. Won't even recognize 0 Ritmo Tanek 3. The drive keeps spinning and the WII disk drive blue light keeps blinking 5 Rocketfish 2. Hot Swapped fine. Works very well, tested with long sessions with multiple games. Played for many hours on both WiiFlow and Uloader 5. Hot swapping didn't work. Tried without and with external power supply, both IDE ports. Works fine on the PC. Works in MplayerCE too. This enclosure works well so far. Using a Fujitsu GB 2. It will mount on my PC but the Wii will not recognize it.

Using my maxtor GB 3. Tested on Wiiflow. Run Geexbox, restart from its menu, then load the USBloader. After launching USB loader or any Homebrew it makes the wii freeze. Just to point out, this combo is not factory created, I took out the 2TB hard drive from the enclosure and swapped it for the gb. Bought on ebay Slightly choppy playback on GeeXboX, might not be related to the enclosure though. Purchased from www. Got to work with usb loader but having trouble detecting. Older versions work better. Tried with seagate and fujitsu drives. Got to work with usb loader without any trouble of it being detected..

Tried with seagate Momentus Had a similar problem with another drive in the enclosure. Works really great. Ebay search exact enclosure name. Sometimes real Philips brand. Works perfectly with Samsung 80GB.

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Both drives have sleep issues with this enclosure when playing Gamecube games, but work perfectly fine using a more basic enclosure. Working perfectly. Stability issues depending on the game. Some games work perfectly, but most either Will work for anywhere between minutes, then lock up or not work at all. Could not get wii to recognize it at all.

Used Superdump v1. This enclosure has built in Power Save functions that are not Wii compatible and can't be switched off. After 3 seconds drive goes into idle mode from which the Wii cannot wake. I tied contacting Vantec about hardware workaround i. I bought this enclosure because it is glossy white like the Wii console but it is in fact about as incompatible as you can get. Works perfectly. Tried all methods with no success. Hangs or is not detected. Unfortunately it failed to load any game; load attempts sent you back to the main Wii menu.

It's too bad, as this model looks just like the Wii: silver base, white case, blue lights. Very nice combination with Media Player. Now it'll work perfectly until you turn off the Wii or unplug the drive. Some issues, but still works. Insert while the Wii is off. USB Loader launches, and the black rectangular section contains no text, required to power down the wii This is a bug works if you remove launchpad from the unit.

Doesn't Work, I have much problems with that stick Too. I have a lexar 2 gb and works great with usb loader, wiiflow. All Sony MicroVault works except edition. Drive unreconize by usbloader. HP 4GB vw Series. Kingston 4GB DataTraveler. Formatted WBFS, tested with cfg loaged and a few games in their standard configuration. Sandisk Cruzer Micro 4GB. Verbatim Store N Go. HP flash drive 8GB. Kingston 8GB DataTraveler Kingston 8GB DataTraveler. Works great!!! Works amazingly. I have the cIOS of Hermes rev This drive doesn't work with newest loader configurable usb loader, usb loader gx, neogamma , only with an old version of usb loader gx r Sandisk Cruzer Micro 8GB.

The Falsebound Kingdom. Formatted Fat and Fat32, works with newest loader configurable usb loader, usb loader gx, neogamma. Sony Micro Vault 8GB. Super Talent Pico C. Won't format in USB Loader shows several partitions with unrealistic sizes, e. Homebrew should work, but I expirenced a lag with WiiMC. Corsair 16GB Voyager. Tested in the rightside port on the back.

Freeze after some time, while playing, formatted with WBSF. Kingston 16GB DataTraveler. Kingston 16GB DataTraveler Works on USB Loader 1. Formats to Great buy. Nexxtech Jelly Drive 16GB. I formatted the drive with WBFS manager 3. Worked flawlessly. I tried every wbfs partion software, and even with the usb loader v 1. It's a shame. Hewlet Packard HP vw. Kingston DataTraveler G2. Formatted with Wii Backup Manager 0. Alcor Micro Corp. You have to format it original format is jerky to ntfs with windows or fat32 with linux extFat dosen't work , WBFS Manager do acces the datas but writing doesn't work, the hbc or other prg on the stick make a stack error Lexar v10 64GB.

It was exFAT and windows is no help formatting it. Pulled from old TIVO. Doesn't work with CIOS 14,15, Configurable USB Loader takes a long time to get beyond the initial splash screen and then the count takes a very long time before it reports a failure. Maxtor OneTouch GB. Hard to format. You have to disable standby set idle time to Never with Seagate Manager before you format it! There are 2 plugs on the HDD one for additional power the other for data transfer.

Tested with usbloader gx rev and Cios 38 rev 14 by Waninkoko. Win XP could not recognize the partition afterwards. Imation Apollo 2. Formated with FAT32, worked after the first try. Works perfectly with USB Loader v1. Verbatim 2. Works perfect with USB Loader v1. Takes some time for GeeXboX to recognize it. USB loader works great.