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If the vendor is a person, the vendor's legal name should appear in the First Name, M. If you know the company name but not the person's name, leave the Company Name field blank to prevent double names from appearing on the MISC form. Select the Tax Settings tab.

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Checkmark the Vendor eligible for Enter the vendor's tax identification number in the Vendor Tax ID field. Repeat steps 2 through 6 for each eligible vendor. You can set up an expense account in QuickBooks Desktop:. Most Vendors get paid through Box 7: Non-employment Compensation , although you will want to ask a tax professional first before selecting which box to use.

The message states "From Tax Year , the State of Wisconsin mandates Employers doing business in WI or paying contractors living in WI to include state-specific information in boxes 16 and After printing the Misc from QuickBooks Desktop, you are required to manually enter these 2 fields as applicable. Was this helpful? Yes No. You must sign in to vote, reply, or post. Related discussions. Set up and file forms.

Option 2: Use ezCheckPrinting Data Import Function

Print Misc forms in QuickBooks Desktop. Set up printing alignment for Tax Forms. Set up and print s Mac. Can the Etc program run on a network? Yes, the Etc software is fully networkable without an additional charge. You may install the software to the Server, or any machine on the network, and then use icons to run it on each workstation, or you may install the program on each workstation and then store the data on the.

Once you receive the CD, the Serial Number and Key Code can be found either on your mailing label just above your name, or in the Bill To section on your invoice. Can the software be installed on more than one computer in an office? Yes, your license is a site license meaning all computers in your office may use the software. It sounds like a file was corrupted during installation or the source disk may have a corrupted file.

First try to re-install the program from the source disk. If you are still receiving this error, go to our website and download and install the Full Update. Can information be entered if a form is available before all forms are? Yes, once you input the data, it is stored in the program. How can print a negotiable check for someone who is set up for direct deposit? At the top right corner remove the checkmark from the Non-Negotiable box and click OK. How can I print out personal information, name, address, date of birth, SSN, date hired, etc for each employee?

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On the Report E Criteria screen make your selections. How do I fax a pay stub directly from my computer instead of printing it out and then faxing it? This is really a function of the fax software that you have installed. That software will install a printer driver that actually sends a fax of the printed document instead of printing normally.

The Etc software can print to this type of fax driver, but it has not been tested for. Can I print forms on blank paper with your program?

Yes, you can with the Laser Generation Module. Learn more. How do I adjust the Margins on a Pre-Printed form? Once you select the Form to Print, a Printer Mode dialog box displays. Click Align and follow the on-screen instructions. Can I print a voucher instead of a check? To print a voucher, use Check Type X. Can etc handle the reporting of cafeteria plans? These User Defined Fields will appear on the various reports as deductions but Etc does not have reports specifically for Cafeteria plans.

Can Report F print the name on the same line as the wages? Yes, the name can be printed on the same line.

Are there any restrictions using software in a payroll processing business? No there are not. Our software has an AMS Payroll module available that can generate live or after-the-fact payroll. How do I add a second hourly rate for a client? This is entered as a User Defined Field. You can get a screenshot of how this should be set up by accessing the help menu by the following: 1. Select the Search tab. Enter the phrase Multiple Hourly Pays.

Do the new 1099 changes apply to me?

Select Multiple. How do you delete a previously setup User Defined Field? Select the one you want to delete by clicking it it will be highlighted , on your keyboard: hold the CTRL button then hit the backsp. How do I mark a company as exempt from taxes? When setting up the employees for this company, you will need to mark each individual employee exempt from the taxes. Can the program round the state withholding amounts to the nearest dollar? Yes, the program can round the state withholding amounts to the nearest dollar. First, open the client in AMS Payroll.

First open the client in AMS Payroll.

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Update the information on this screen as needed. How do I delete a Default Check? If the Default Che. Enter the rate 0. How do I change the Quarter Ending Date on a state form? This deduction will need to be setup as a User-Defined Field. How do I setup a salaried employee? Yes, the Input screen can be sorted by SSN. How can I export information to Excel? How do I sort check entries on the browse screen in ascending rather than descending order?

Remove the check mark by clicking it. Your display should resort in ascending sequence. I am an existing customer and would like to add a module how do I do this? You will receive a new serial number and key code which will enable the new feature. Yes, you can print out an order form from the etc website. Simply go to the online order section and follow the steps to prepare an order form online. Once you have finished entering your order data you will be given the choice of printing the order form out on your printer for m.

Click here to know more. Step 4: Calculate fee and payment confirmation.

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You can fill in these boxes in Tax prior to e-filing. Be sure to write legibly using a black ink pen. I hope you find this article useful to know about QuickBooks e file. Talk to our Expert now and enjoy our most beloved support for this accounting software.